Dealing with Uncertainty

Enjoying a sunset

Things don’t always work out like we think they will. That can be disappointing.

What’s the remedy? Be in the Now. What does that mean? It means becoming present. 

It means stepping back and noticing that things don’t always work out the way you want and that’s okay.

It means watching your mind and noticing that you can’t control what it does.

It means experiencing an inner richness that no one can take away from you.

It means enjoying what’s happening now which is always what you want it to be because it is what it is, already.

There is no time in the Now. There’s only a space of allowing that makes us happy, no matter what happens in the world. It makes us intelligent and responsive.

When we are reactive to what happens in the world, we are less intelligent and less able to deal with things with peacefulness and clarity. We’re less able to easily solve problems that confront us.

The ego is based on resistance, control, and suffering. Our true nature is based on acceptance, allowing, and happiness.

When your identity is based on acceptance, it allows things to pass and doesn’t try to control them – like enjoying a beautiful sunset. There is a basic and enduring happiness in this point of view.

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