Wake Up to Reality offers talks, workshops, retreats and one-on-one mentoring with lead teacher James Wood.


A talk is an opportunity to get to know James personally and provides an introduction to the work. While studying recorded materials such as books, articles, audio recordings, and video recordings is helpful, meeting the Teacher in person takes it to the next level.

A talk typically consist of a brief period of silence followed by James speaking on a topic pertaining to awakening with an opportunity for questions and answers afterward.

Once you have gotten a feel for the work through study, you can come to a talk and listen, ask questions, and find out what a personal experience of the Teaching feels like. A talk provides a space of conscious presence that is far greater than what you would typically experience through study because the physical presence of the Teacher and students creates a more intense, deep, and more accessible field of conscious awareness.

We recommended that you stretch, walk, move, or breathe consciously to warm up your body for a few minutes before attending a talk in order to help you integrate the energies that are activated in listening. (For more information on this practice, see Chapter Six: Embodiment of Ten Paths to Freedom.)


Attending a workshop takes your commitment to the next level of depth and intensity, where patterns can be cleared in an instant. Because of the deeper consecration that a workshop provides—as well as a longer time and more structured process—problems can be solved at the root of where they exist: in your mind.

In a workshop, the mind is given an opportunity to become still and solve itself; a mind that is supported by the still presence of Truth will spontaneously resolve in most cases. Beyond that, the instruction provided by James—coupled with feedback from the “attuned listeners” in the group (other students who are tuned in to the presence of Truth)—will provide further stimulus to let go of troubled mind patterns.

In a workshop, not only is profound healing possible, a certain amount is guaranteed by your attendance. The rest is up to you.


A retreat allows you to deepen your conscious experience and growth process even further. During a retreat, space, stillness, and quiet are profoundly available to you, an opportunity to more deeply let go of fears, worries, and other forms of negativity more fully and completely.

A retreat is a gift to yourself that keeps giving back to you a thousandfold, if not more. What allows for this enhanced return is your continued cultivation of peaceful, serene, and positively healthy values that are provided during your participation. What you learn can then be multiplied endlessly through the rest of your life—and beyond.

James structures each retreat to maximize your experience of peace and well-being on your way to awakening. The quality of your participation allows this experience to deepen within you, making spiritual growth a powerful part of your daily life if you continue to give yourself to your process.


Mentoring is a way of deepening your awareness and insight through one-on-one interaction with James, either on the phone or online. You can book an appointment here.

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