One thing I have noticed: I do better with questions.

Some of my recent posts grew out of questions asked by people who had seen the Batgap video and had questions about it or had raised issues concerning what I said during the interview.

We all want to connect, to grow, to matter. Asking questions is a way of doing that. For example, you could complete any of the following sentences:

“As a spiritual being, how do I …?”

“On the spiritual path, how does one deal with …?”

“In your interview, you mentioned…. Could you expand on/clarify that issue?”

I want you, the reader, the student of Consciousness, to ask me questions that have been concerning you, and I want to answer them in a way that will help the most people.

I will post answers to the most relevant questions in this blog as audio, video, or written answers.

Let’s have a conversation and see what happens. You can submit your question via our Contact page.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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