Your Refuge is waiting

I have been thinking a lot lately about what’s going on in the world these days and the questions I have been getting about how to deal with political, economic, and social chaos as someone trying to live a spiritual life.

How do I, as a spiritual being, live a human life in an uncertain and unstable world? I have already touched on this in a previous post. Compassion is necessary. But to be really strong in our compassion, we have to embrace a Transcendent perspective. One might call this Transcendent perspective no-mind.

What is no-mind? Well, it’s not being spaced-out, mindless, or dull. It’s seeing that thoughts don’t capture who we are. In my book, Ten Paths to Freedom, I go into great detail about this. So if you want to go in-depth right away, the book is available.

But remember this: you have a refuge within yourself, a spiritual refuge. In this Space, you are not judged, and neither is anyone else. You can be happy and free There — and yet you can discern injustice in the world and strongly oppose it without violence.

Truly spiritual life is a Mystery to which we are all awakening. Some are freaking out about it, and others are quietly doing their work. We are all connected; ego would rather have us be separate, afraid, and at each other’s throats.

My recommendation: be the one that doesn’t judge. If you do judge, then don’t judge yourself for judging. Notice that it doesn’t help, but makes things worse. It isn’t wrong, just painful.

Your Refuge is waiting. Right here, right now. Freedom is possible.

Stay tuned.

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